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Electric Boats
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Electric Boat Links

Last updated 2014.02.22

Looking for a smart, small, lightweight, affordable charger for your small EV?
They're here! Soneil chargers for lead-acid batteries from 6 to 72 volts .

We don't sell electric boats. We continue to provide unbiased information about electric boats because we feel they are a superior solution for many water (surface) transportation applications, notably recreational boating. For more information about electric boats, check our our main electric boats page. (We sell Soneil battery chargers, some of which are ideal as chargers for electric boat batteries as they are small, lightweight, intelligent and affordable.) (Like any electrical device, they do need to be protected from submersion and the elements.)

Here are some electric boat links for you to check out:
[dead link: http://www.americanbeautyboats.com/] American Beauty Boats
[dead link: http://www.ashtonboatworks.com/]Ashton Boat Works
[dead link: http://www.bobcatboats.com/] Bobcat Boats
Budsin Wood Craft - Electric Boats
[Dead link: http://www.electricboats.ca/english/electric-boat.php] Busch Electric Boats / The Canadian Electric Boat Company
Black River Boats
Carolina Electric Boats makes a small electric fishing boat
[Dead link: http://www.craigcatmichigan.com/] CraigCat Electric Boats (Michigan)
Eco Boats at [dead link: http://upcoming.current.com/search?q=Eco+Boats] current.com
Don Robertson's Electric Boat page
Duffield / Duffy Boats
[Site no longer exists: http://edisonboats.com/] Edison Marine classic handcrafted electric boats
El Lago Electric Boats
ELCO Electric Launch Incorporated
ElectraCraft Home Page
Electric Boat Association of the Americas
Electric Boat Association of Canada
Electric Seas (non-profit about electric propulsion for watercraft)
Endeavour Green is based in Clearwater, FL and has introduced an electric 24-foot launch with a hybrid version
Glen-L's Boat Page, which has designs, parts and supplies for several electric boats, including plans for converting gasoline outboard to electric drive, the Amp-Eater, a 13' electric boat, Lo Voltage, a 15' electric launch, and the PowerYak electric kayak.
Griffin Leisure Boats
Kayacht electric boats
[dead link: http://www.mindspring.com/~jimkerr1/sebebts.htm] Jim Kerr's Electric Boats site (many links to other related sites).
Lear electric boats
[Site no longer exists: http://www.lighthousetoleshop.com/Electric_drive.html] The Lighthouse Tole Shop offers an electric drive built into the rudder of sailboats.
Marine Classics makes unique wooden boats in Yorkshire England that can include an electric drive.
[Dead link: http://www.marlab.dk/boats/roskva.html] Marlab Electric Boats - Roskva
[Dead link: http://members.ozemail.com.au/~storerm/Solarboat/solarboat.html] The Mundoo 3 Solar Electric Boat
Nauticraft have an electric/pedal-power hybrid boat (Encore II) and an electric-only boat (Encore III) in their line-up
[malware site: http://www.electricdeckboats.com/] New Wave / Eldebo / Electric Deck Boats
Outboard Electric Corporation website
The Pender Harbour Electric Launch Company make electric launches in British Columbia.
Ray Electric Outboards
The Reservoir Runner (electric outboard) Home Page (many links to other related sites).
[Dead link: http://www.softdom.com/rubleu/accueil.htm] Ruban Bleu Electric Boats
[Site no longer exists: http://www.serenewatercraft.com/] Serene Water Craft
Solar Sailor
[Dead link, company defunct: http://spincraftboats.com/] SpinCraft Electric Boats (the manufacturer of my electric boat)
[Dead link: http://www.tamarackelectricboats.com/] Tamarack Lake Electric Boat Company (Electric Loon)
Torqeedo makes an electric outboard
The U.K. Electric Boats page
[Link has bit-rotted: http://www.greenboatscientific.com/boats.php] The Weedoo (300) is a small electric pontoon boat designed to extract aquatic weeds and other pollutants from lakes and waterways.

Electra Marine does not appear to be in operation any longer, likely another victim of the 2008 recession. They produced the Electra 180, an elegant 48-volt fiberglass monohull that is 17'10" in length and 78" abeam, weighing in at 1800 pounds and the ElectraCat 185, a fibreglass catamaran hull weighing 2000 pounds, 8'6" abeam and 18'2" long. Both had a draft of just 20" and boasted a top speed of 15 km/h (about 9 mph). They were located at 3111, 3e Rue, Parc Industriel, Grand-Mère (Québec) G9T 5K5.

No longer produced, but an interesting craft, is the Aero-Marine Engineering Lec-Tric Ki-Yak, built in Fort Worth Texas. These were powered by modified trolling motors. One owner I have corresponded with is very enthusiastic about his Ki-Yaks.
Image of 2 Ki-Yaks (colour - 43 k)
Image of Ki-Yak motor setup (colour - 70 k)

Of course, if a trolling motor meets your needs, and some "trolling motors" can produce over 70 pounds of thrust, then have a look at what is available. Two of the better known brands are Minn Kota and MotorGuide. And here's a novel way to keep those trolling batteries charged.

Inevitably, get a few electric boats together and people want to race.
[dead link: http://www.cloudelectric.com/generic.html?pid=53] Cloud Electric Vehicles electric boat page
[Dead link: http://www.seattleoutboard.org/electric.html] Seattle Outboard Association - Electric outboard boat racing page
Solar Splash electric boat race
Solar boat racing

Not exactly electric boats ...

Restoring pond and lake beauty since 1977, Lake Restoration provides solutions for pond weed control, lake weed control, and geese management.

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