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The Emperor's New Hydrogen Economy
Updates: Chapter 26 – Stationary Energy Use

Last updated 2009.09.23

Page 204 – Use Free Heat

A reader has pointed out that letting water stand in the tub is a potential hazard for toddlers with unsupervised access to the bathtub and able to climb into it, but too young to understand the danger. Under those circumstances, I agree it is better to drain the tub immediately than try to extract the heat from it.

Page 205 – Use Free Heat

You should only use the exhaust heat from an electric clothes dryer if you will benefit from the humidity as well as the heat. Excess humidity can cause problems (condensation, mould). This is why I mention condensing dryers at the end of this discussion in the book. You should also check local by-laws and codes to see if there are any restrictions on this technique in your area.

Page 226 - Water Consumption

It's possible to save water in cooking as well. Steaming vegetables will use less water (and heat energy) than immersing them and boiling nutrients out of them.

Harold McGee writes that [dead link:] cooking pasta in less water (other than capellini) provides adequate results while reducing water use and energy costs. I have tried it and am satisfied with the results. Also, if you want the pasta water for other use, it's more concentrated this way.

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