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The Emperor's New Hydrogen Economy
Updates: Chapter 18 – Hydrogen and the Hindenburg

Last updated 2008.09.07

Empress of Ireland - 2008.09.07 (page 113)

Today I had the opportunity to visit the Empress of Ireland exhibit at the Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton, AB. While the sinking of the Empress occurred in the St. Lawrence near Rimouski, there is an Alberta connection. Many of those on-board were on their way to the Canadian west with plans to homestead on land promised by the CPR. (My apologies, the images were taken with my dictation machine - similar to a cell phone camera - not a proper camera.)

Edmonton Immigration Hall (circa 1906?)

For those that don't know, the sinking of the Empress of Ireland constitutes the deadliest maritime disaster in Canadian history with over 1,000 dead. All the more astonishing as the sinking occurred within sight of land, and having learned from the loss of the Titanic just two years earlier.

Introduction panel to the exhibit

The Empress was also known for setting a record crossing speed of the Atlantic, on her third crossing in June 1906 (, powered by two 9,000 hp steam engines.

Empress of Ireland steam engine

Page 116-118 – Fossil fuel reserves - 2007.01.07

Regarding supplies of oil, coal and natural gas in North America in the short to medium term for North America, this interview with David Hughes of Natural Resources Canada is revealing. (Dated 2006.11.25. Duration: 32 minutes, 45 seconds. Requires RealPlayer.)

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