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The Emperor's New Hydrogen Economy

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Energy Efficiency and Conservation Products and Services

Water Saver toilet fill diverters

Simply the most cost-effective way to reduce residential water use. Saves water that would be wasted on the fill cycle, does not reduce water volume for the flush. Installs quickly and easily, then forget it. No moving parts, no consumables, no maintenance - ever! Just $5! Save water and your money, forever! Guaranteed!
Water Saver toilet fill diverter information ==>

Soneil Battery Chargers

It took years before we found a product made by someone else that impressed us so much that we decided to sell it. That's what happened with Soneil battery chargers. We aren't just a distributor, we were a customer first, and still are. We couldn't sell to you if we weren't first sold ourselves on this product, and we are. Our first Soneil charger got us an extra two seasons out of the traction pack in our electric tractor we simply would not have had with the OEM charger in the tractor.

The Soneil chargers are intelligent, compact and affordable chargers, available for lead-acid batteries in 6, 12, 24, 36, 48 and 72-volt versions, and several models for the most common voltages. If you are tired of replacing your batteries because they have died prematurely at the hands of a dumb charger, we recommend investing in a Soneil smart charger, and getting more life out of your batteries. Soneil battery charger information ==>

Battery Monitors

The logical complement to the intelligent chargers is an affordable and flexible monitoring system for battery packs. We found it in the PakTrakr. and we carried them for years. Unfortunately, the manufacturer stopped production, and we are searching for a suitable replacement product. When we find one, we'll carrry it. If you have an investment in a string of batteries, such as in an electric vehicle, an off-grid energy storage system, back-up or uninterruptible power supply, the battery moonitor will be your best friend. PakTrakr battery monitor information (for historical purposes) ==>

Reducing Your Energy Bills

If rising energy bills are affecting your household budget or corporate bottom-line, and it's time to do something about it, we can help. We know a lot about reducing energy consumption and related costs. We're so sure we can help, we even provide a lot of good information on the subject on our website for free.

  • how to reduce your electrical bill,
  • how to reduce your air conditioning costs,
  • how to reduce your heating costs,
  • how to reduce your vehicle's fuel bill.

    If those valuable tips leave you looking for more savings, contact us for additional help tailored to your situation. If your concern is more about security of supply or sustainability than immediate cost savings, we can guide you on that as well.

    Insulated Window Coverings

    We no longer offer these. We made them for our own use, but there has been little interest in them since we offered them for sale. However, if you are interested in making your own, we provide more window insulation information here ==>

    Fitted Window Shade Cloths

    We no longer offer these. We developed these as a minimally-intrusive, easy-up and easy-down solution to reducing summer solar heat gain. We're extremely happy with ours, and a few other people have expressed interest, so we still present information on how to make your own. More window shading information here ==>

    Electric Vehicle Technology

    In 2011, Nissan and Mitsubishi started putting their advanced battery electric cars on sale in North America. In 2013, even more automakers are putting plug-in vehicles into their line-up. Visionary organizations should be determining how they will utilize these vehicles to drive their message to their clients and the public in the next few months, and getting these vehicles into their fleets. If you don't know where to get started, we do. With over 30 years of real-life, hands-on experience with electric vehicles on-road and off, we can help you plan an optimal approach to embracing these vehicles of the future.

    This week, we are aware of deals where you can drive away a brand new Nissan Leaf or Mitsubishi i-MiEV for under $25,000 in Ottawa.

    In the meantime, we can also guide you regarding options that are available today that can meet many of your existing transportation options. Did you know that electric versions of buses, Class 8 road tractors and utility vehicles are already available for sale? How about electric boats, including ferries? Electric aircraft are an emerging technology. Did you know that the primary lift vehicle on the planet today is typically electric? It's the elevator. If you have a transportation requirement, and a commitment to good environmental citizenship, then we can likely find a clean-air transportation solution to meet your needs.

    Implementing them into your corporate fleet, on-road, off-road and indoors - yes, we have and use several. Clean air, zero-emissions, environmentally beneficial absolutely, and cost-effective too if you know what you are doing. Save by learning from our experience, including hybrids and biofuels. If you want to learn a lot about clean electric drive for free, start here. If you want our guidance regarding your fleet, from line-trimmers to trucks, contact us for additional help tailored to your situation.

    Here are some pieces written by our company President related to electric vehicle technology.

  • Electric Mobility Canada Backgrounder - Electric Vehicles and the Grid
  • Electric Mobility Canada Backgrounder - Part of Canada’s Climate Change Solution
  • The LSV - A Made in Canada Solution, Not Welcome in Canada paper presented at the 2008 Transportation, Traffic and Mobility Conference (.doc)
  • Slide deck for The LSV - A Made in Canada Solution, Not Welcome in Canada paper presented at the 2008 Transportation, Traffic and Mobility Conference
  • The Inevitable Electric Car
  • Proposal to legalize electric motorcycles on Ontario highways

  • Business Systems and Services

    Econogics, Inc. is a small business, intentionally. Our focus is on providing quality solutions to our clients, which means we cannot afford to over-extend our resources. We won't hire just anybody, our people are special to us. Our base of operations is in Canada's national capital region, but we will work anywhere in Canada or the United States. We are not cheap, but we are worth every penny you'll pay us, and more. As our President is fond of saying, "Good solutions may be expensive, but bad solutions cost even more."

    In simple terms, our product is economical, practical solutions to your problems. We have expertise in helping our corporate clients in the following areas.

    Project Management
    We provided project management and other services to the 2002 EVCO Electrathon (and the four previous annual EVCO Electrathons) at no charge as part of our community commitment. This is a low-budget, volunteer-staffed, one-day, rain or shine event. Slipping the delivery date or exceeding the budget were not options. We are proud of our reputation for on-time, on-budget delivery, for the Electrathon and our paying clients.

    Information Systems
    From business requirements through systems design, development, maintenance, systems conversion and interfaces - we do it all.

    PowerHouse Expertise
    Having problems finding developers / designers / programmers with real expertise with PowerHouse software (PHD, PDL, QDD, Dictionary, Qdesign, Quick, Quiz, QTP) for your applications? Look no further - we have years of experience with this family of products on various platforms (HP3000, Alpha, PC, etc). We think the PowerHouse suite is a solid line of products, and would be delighted to work with you on maintenance or development using the PowerHouse suite.

    (PowerHouse is a registered trademark of Cognos Incorporated)

    Revenue Generation and Protection
    We look upon your staff, corporate information processing systems, and production facilities, as assets with the potential to generate revenue and provide competitive advantage for your business. Do you?

    Cost Reduction
    We HATE waste, it is usually expensive as well as bad for the environment.

    Cost-Benefit Analysis
    Do you consider all the costs and benefits in your decision-making process, or just the ones that are easy to quantify?

    Corporate Image Enhancement
    There are better and less expensive ways than just giving away money. You want to relate to your customers and clients, and their community. There is far too much emphasis on short-term results ('this quarter syndrome') and not enough on developing lasting relationships. Most humans don't create relationships on a lowest-cost basis, and so far, the end-of-the-chain consumer for businesses is still humans. The all-too-pervasive race to the bottom in North American business, taken to its logical end, will eventually impoverish us all.
    The Hyatt shows how not to do it. We recently visited Boston, and did not stay at a Hyatt. If this is how they treat their staff, why would we expect them to treat their customers differently? After all, we are both just commodities when it comes to the mega-corporate financial bottom line.

    How can we help you?

    Comments are always welcome. Send an e-mail to the President

    Telephone: (613) 784-0655

    Facsimile: (613) 828-3199

    Regular Post:
    Econogics, Inc.
    48 Tarquin Crescent,
    Ottawa, Ontario, K2H 8J8

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