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The hydrogen economy is not going to save us from rising energy costs!

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22 Years of Serving Clients Around the World, Still 100% Canadian

September 23, 2019

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Steamed over rising household water bills?
Tired of flushing your money down the toilet?

See the Greenlife Magazine review of the Water Saver!

Water Saver Toilet Fill Diverter
The little blue Water Saver
can save you some green!

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While we are not making many updates to this page in the past few months, updates are continuing throughout the site at the detail level. The other good news is that we are keeping busy, even if it isn't always visible here, so the pages don't get as much attention as they should. If you have a question about anything we do, just e-mail us.

Econogics is a small business offering consulting services in the areas of:

  • energy conservation and efficiency for small business and the residential sector;

  • preferred energy sources and fuels, and matching energy sources to uses;

  • business systems (primarily computer-based business operations support);

  • and improving profitability and reducing costs through the use of cost-effective environmental management practices.

Water Savers | Econogics Blog | Products and Services | Electric Vehicles | Reducing Your Expenses | Personal Energy Plan | The Emperor's New Hydrogen Economy

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